Partner With Us
Are you a college or a training institute asking yourself why you should partner with us? Well, the benefits are many. Read on to find out how LetCampus makes you the ultimate winner! 

Build your Audience
LetCampus is a great way to build your audience database. Thousands of students visit our site every day to zero in on an educational centre that best suits their career goals. This means you have access to lakhs of students with whom you can communicate and pitch your services. You also have the privilege of displaying your demo training videos to build students’ interests. 

Harness Social Media

Collaborating with LetCampus automatically gives you access to Social Media Marketing (SMM), one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available in the market. SMM is offered completely free of cost. With SMM, you become part of the 1000 SMS messaging campaign. You also get the opportunity to build campaigns on FaceBook, where you can get additional publicity for your business through FaceBook’s core users and users of related social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.

Grow your Business – Trouble-Free
LetCampus helps you can concentrate on building your business. Spend your time, money and effort on growing your customer network and offering your services. It is our job to bring students to you and take care of the technical aspects of the website.

Increase Profits
With LetCampus, you have savings everywhere! Lower your costs on student acquisition and marketing. Use the money saved to strengthen your educational programs, support facilities, infrastructure and ultimately build your business.